Business partners & suppliers.

Our network contains more than 500 companies, suppliers and experts at


Manufacturing industry


  • Automotive OEM & spare parts
  • Components like stamped, plastic injected, die-casted parts
  • Tool & mould makers
  • Machines & production equipment


Service providers


  • Resident engineers & freelancers
  • Business & legal consultants
  • Translaters & interpreters


within Europe, Turkey, North America, South Korea, China and Taiwan.


Associations and organizations


  • IHK Chambers of commerce, Germany
  • ITKAM, Chamber of commerce, Italy
  • KSO & OSB, Chambers of industry, Turkey
  • XEDA, Economic development organization, China
  • TAITRA, Taiwan external trade development council, Taiwan
  • KOTRA, Korea trade investment agency, South Korea
  • GMRT & Matrade, External trade development, Malaysia
  • BOI Board of investment, Thailand
  • VDWF, Association of mould makers, Germany
  • Rhein Main Neckar Automotive Cluster, Germany
  • ANFIA, Association of automotive industry, Italy
  • BME, Association of SCM & procurement, Germany


and many others.